Chat GPT is not logic.!! It's responses are wrong.!

Sindujaa D N
Sometimes there is a trend. In terms of technology, artificial intelligence is trending now. In the coming days it will surpass the human intelligence. Not only think many times faster than man, because of this there are situations that express new doubts on the existence of man. Recent studies have made it clear that chat made with artificial intelligence, GPT, BERT and other applications do not have logic.

It is said that even though it is good till they give fast answers, there are many doubts when it comes to the rationality of them. Before this, when some logical questions were asked, the answers given by them were not correct at all. As part of that, the chat asked GPT a question. When you toss a coin, if a toy lands, you win a diamond. You will lose the car if you get sick.  It is noteworthy that Borusu said that he would choose the wrong answer.

When the same question is asked about the applications that work with artificial intelligence, it is clear that more than half of them give a rude answer that there are limits to their intelligence. In this background, it is said that it is wrong to ask chat GPT about everything and expect their answers to be accurate. That's why it is said that there are limits to the questions asked.

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