How to check a free credit score through WhatsApp..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
How to check a free credit score through WhatsApp..!?
A credit score is essential to get a loan from banks now. A credit score clearly shows one's credit history and repayments. Through this, you can know the details including non-payment of specific installments, and loan balance. Can banks lend to someone based on this? Don't you? They decide that Neither is a must. Even if the credit score is low, the bank can give a loan even on the basis of the manager's recommendation. But since that is not possible for everyone, a credit score is seen as an important factor. If they want to give a loan to a person, the banks first examine all aspects including his income, loan balance, and the manner in which he has already taken the loan. Also, what is he borrowing for now and how will he pay it back? Are there any possibilities for this? They will give loan approval only after investigating all that. Credit scores can be checked online only.
Previously a fee was charged to know these points. Later banks themselves started providing this service. With the advancement of technology, credit score has also taken on a new and simpler form. Accordingly, now you can know your credit score through WhatsApp. The mobile number and instructions for the same have been notified.

How to Check Credit Score via WhatsApp:

* Send 'Hey' message to +91-9920035444 from your whatsapp mobile number
* After that you have to provide details including your name, email id, and mobile number from your cell phone number.
* Instantly get your credit score on WhatsApp.
* Your credit score will also go to the email provided by the bank
The important thing about this is that you don't need to spend a single penny to know your credit score via WhatsApp.

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