How to send Holi wishes to your friends and family?

How to send holi wishes to your friends and family?

Holi, the festival of colours, has come to a close, holi will be celebrated across the country on february 8 of this month. In such a situation, most of us will send congratulatory messages to our friends and family through WhatsApp. But do you know that instead of sending boring text messages to people on whatsapp, you can wish holi through the best holi stickers and GIF. These stickers will make your texting more fun. So let's know how you can install the whatsapp holi stickers pack and send it to your loved ones.

Download stickers from the google play store

First of all, go to google Play Store and search for 'Holi stickers'. After that select your favourite sticker pack and install it. 

After this, it will allow you to add these sticker packs to your WhatsApp. For this, you must first open the Sticker Pack app and select those stickers from it that you want to add to your WhatsApp. 

After this, by clicking on the '+' or 'add' button next to them, they will have to be added to whatsapp and then these packs will be added to your WhatsApp.

Send holi stickers like this

To send the installed holi stickers, first, open your whatsapp and open the chat of the person to whom you want to send the sticker. After this, tap on the emoji icon given on the left side of the type-box to open the emoji window. Here you will see two sections of stickers and GIFs. From this, you can choose the stickers and send them comfortably to all your loved ones.

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