Advantages & disadvantages adding fuel additives to car or bike....


There are advantages and disadvantages of adding fuel additives to a car or bike, know everything

You must have seen some people putting specially made fuel additives in their cars or bikes. Is it really beneficial to use fuel additive in a bike or car or does it also have disadvantages. 

For those who do not know, we tell them what are fuel additives. Fuel additives are those in which the octane content is very high. They are mainly used for corrosion in the engine and to remove the waste present in the injector.

The main function of a fuel additive is to remove corrosion in the engine and waste in the injectors. Along with using them, the octane rating of petrol or diesel also increases. It helps in using higher combustion ratio to give more power to the engine.

There are many types of fuel additives available in the market. These can be easily bought from any shop or petrol pump. If we talk about their price, then they are available at a price ranging from Rs 100 to about one thousand rupees.

These are always used while filling petrol or diesel. When petrol or diesel is put in the vehicle, they are also put in the tank at the same time due to which they get mixed with petrol or diesel. After this, on driving the vehicle, it reaches the engine along with petrol or diesel through the filter. After which it starts cleaning the injector slowly. At the same time, it also cleans the bad oil and deposits on the piston of the engine. Which helps in increasing the life of the vehicle. Also the average of the vehicle increases and pickup is also felt. In many cases flushing the engine after their use can also be avoided.

If something has advantages, then it also has some disadvantages. They should not be used in a new car or bike. Many times, when they go to the engine with petrol and diesel, they also take the dirt of the filter with them, due to which more smoke starts coming out while driving the vehicle. Apart from this, fuel additives affect the carbon particles of the engine so much that the injectors start spraying more fuel after some time. On excessive use, it sometimes removes the protection layer of the piston, which also increases the risk of reducing the life of the engine. These should always be used when the vehicle has been driven for about one lakh kilometers or more.

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