The Tragedy behind the luxury car..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
The Tragedy behind the luxury car..!?
Employees at the Maraimalai nagar ford factory are engaged in a sit-in struggle. ford, a leading US automaker, has been manufacturing vehicles in india for about 20 years. The company which can produce four lakh cars, now it can produce only 80,000 cars in a year. Thus ford continued to operate at a huge loss. The company is said to have lost Rs 14,000 crore in the last ten years alone. Therefore, ford now decided to close those two factories in our country. The company operates automobile factories in Maraimalai nagar, Chennai, and the Sanand area of Gujarat.
Ford has refused to comply with the union's key demands on employee safety in this regard. 'Figo' model cars were produced. As more than 35,000 cars have been exported in the orders received so far, production at the Maraimalai nagar factory is expected to continue till next March. Delays in car production have now been reported to have been extended. It then announced that it would sell its shares and pay the full amount due to the employees, following various stages of struggle by the employees.
It has been reported that Tata is in talks to manufacture electric vehicles at a board factory in Gujarat. Similarly, it was reported a few weeks ago that the government of tamil Nadu had a talk with factory management about having e vehicles in Chennai.However, the factory management advised the factory workers to come forward and talk about the settlement (deposit) without giving any details. Employees are in a great shock and saying that they want to secure their own job instead of money. The union workers who went on strike last night have said they will continue to go on strike this morning. Again the struggle of the board union workers has caused a stir.
When contacted by the union, they said the factory would close completely on september 9. When asked for an explanation on this, the administration said not to put off the proposed morning. This was followed by settlement negotiations. Opportunities for the manufacture of electric vehicles in the factory were reported.
When asked for clarification on this they said it would be given on april 5th. They then said they would give it back on april 18th, shorten the period again and give it on May 5th. But when asked yesterday he said he would give it back on june 11th and all the employees were involved in the boycott struggle. Currently, more than two thousand employees are said to be involved in the struggle.

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