Priyanka separated from her husband!? Second marriage soon?

Sowmiya Sriram
Priyanka separated from her husband!? Second marriage soon?
Vijay tv host priyanka Deshpande's mother has confirmed the news of her separation from her husband and has indirectly said in an interview that priyanka is likely to get married for the second time soon. Nothing is gained by those who do not suffer. That is priyanka who struggled from a young age and later rose to become a host. She hosted the show 'Crispy Girls' which was aired on Zee tamil tv and later hosted many other shows like Asaya Pannene, Musica Unplugged, etc. Following this, Priyanka, who anchored some programs on television like Chutti tv, sun Music, and sun tv entered Vijay tv as an anchor through her love for Praveen.
Priyanka, who started hosting the show 'Cinema Karam Coffee', followed by 'Olli Belly', 'Super singer Junior', 'Kalakka Povathu Yaaru', 'Kitchen Super Star', 'Kings of Dance', 'Kings of comedy Junior', and Jodi. She hosted many shows including No. 1, Super singer 6, 7, 8, and 9. Presenting comedy and lively shows, Priyanka, who beat Vijay TV's DD, participated in bigg boss Season 5 and became the first runner-up.
15 years since priyanka took the reins as a host, she attended an interview with her mother. Then Priyanka's mother spoke openly about her personal life for the first time.
Talking about Priyanka's married life, her mother said priyanka should not repeat the same mistakes she has already made in her life. Next, she has to choose the right one. She should be happy in that life. She feels sorry for her because of a mistake she has already made. She had said that she hoped it would not happen again. priyanka also intervened while crying.
With this, while it is certain that priyanka has separated from Praveen, fans are congratulating her saying that Priyanka's mother has hinted that there is a possibility of a second marriage soon.

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