Bigg Boss Season 7 Finale Shatters Records with Highest TRP.!

Sindujaa D N
The final episode of bigg boss Season 7 achieved remarkable success in terms of television Ratings (TVR). The show, which had a unique theme of "Ulta Pulta" for its seventh season, featured 14 contestants initially, followed by the entry of five wild card contestants, making it a super success.

The final episode of bigg boss Season 7 garnered a high rating of 21.7, making it the highest-rated final episode in the history of the bigg boss series. The season incorporated a variety of elements and gained widespread interest from the audience.

The grand finale of the season featured celebrity guests like ravi Teja, kalyan Ram, allari Naresh, raj Tarun, Suma, and others, contributing to the overall success of the show. The anticipation surrounding the winner of the season added to the excitement among the audience.

In the final showdown, three contestants, Sivaji, Pallavi Prashant, and Amardeep, competed for the title. Ultimately, Pallavi Prashant, known as the child of Rythu (farmer), emerged as the winner. The announcement was made by the host nagarjuna during the finale episode.

The high TVR rating for the final episode indicates the immense success and popularity of bigg boss Season 7, marking it as one of the most successful seasons in the history of the bigg boss series.

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