Lip lock in the dark...? Bigg Boss Contestant given a shock..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Lip lock in the dark...? bigg boss Contestant given a shock..!?
While the show 'Bigg Boss Season 7' is being telecasted, famous actress and former bigg boss contestant kasthuri has shocked many people by talking about the ongoing bigg boss Season 7 with concern. bigg boss Season 7 has been going on air more hotly than the last 6 bigg boss seasons and has no dearth of controversies.
Also, many celebrities and fans continue to express their opinions and criticisms about the bigg boss show. While some celebrities like Sanam Shetty, Vanitha Vijayakumar, and suresh Chakraborty are reviewing the bigg boss show in the media, kasthuri has made it a habit to express her opinion about the bigg boss show from time to time. In that way, the information she has given now has caused shock. Unlike the previous seasons, bigg boss Season 7 has some unspeakable things going on, things like giving lipstick in the dark and making out in the bathroom. These things are not shown in the media. 
She already knows about maya and how she is. But whatever Kamal does, she does not take it seriously. Nixon had earlier slipped up by saying that maya showed her underwear, a comedy. Kamal should not have criticized this. Talking about Pradeep, kasthuri said that the matter of pradeep has not only made him ugly. It has also made his parents ugly. But she spoke with pain that pradeep did not understand this matter.

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