Double eviction this week too? Do you know who is leaving?

Sowmiya Sriram
Double eviction this week too? Do you know who is leaving?
Bigg Boss Season 7 is going to have a double eviction this week too, so the fans are predicting who will be evicted. bigg boss Season 7 is going to be more exciting and exciting than the last 6 seasons of Bigg Boss. The show, which started last month (October 1), saw 18 contestants including Maya, Poornima, Kool Suresh, Vishnu, Nixon, Aishu, ananya Rao, Raveena, Mani Chandra and Vanitha's daughter Jovika enter with fanfare on the first day. Similarly, this time two houses namely Big Boss house - and Small Boss house were introduced. bigg boss contestants can live very luxuriously.
The rule is that the Small Boss contestants have to cook the food that the bigg boss contestants like. Similarly, who will do the bathroom cleaning and house cleaning work will be determined by the task. Meanwhile, the contestants from both houses staged new problems every day that no one expected and always kept the house busy. And this time love content is also seen overflowing in the bigg boss house. Ever since the wild card contestants entered, all but a few of the old contestants in the bigg boss house have been targeting and deceiving them. Last week, Pradeep, who was seen as a very strong player, was ousted by Maya's bully gang plan in the name of raising their voice. kamal haasan also gave a red card to pradeep without investigating what the problem was and it became a huge controversy.
In this case, it is said that the Vijay tv side is trying to bring pradeep into the bigg boss house, and it is said that there are chances of a double eviction this week too. poornima Ravi, who hid the truth about Pradeep, is expected to be evicted this week as she has got very less votes. Aishu's parents have fervently requested the bigg boss showrunners to consider their daughter's future and send her out. So let's wait and see what happens this week.

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