Kapil Sharma graces Aamir Khan's 'Thodi Si watch inside video

Kapil Sharma graces Aamir Khan's 'Thodi Si Jo Pee Li Hai' party, watch inside video
Aamir Khan had organized a lavish party at his house. Inside video has surdata-faced from this party, in which kapil sharma is seen singing the song.
Many bollywood stars are known for throwing lavish parties. Recently aamir khan party has also joined this list. He had a grand party at his house. comedian Kapil Sharma (Kapil Sharma Singing Ghazal) had also reached this party along with many celebrities. An inside video has surdata-faced from this party, in which Kapil is seen reciting ghazals in his beautiful voice. Kapil is singing with a glass in his hand and Aamir is seen saying 'Wah-Wah' after listening to his voice.

Actually, recently archana puran singh has shared the inside video of Aamir Khan's party. Along with Kapil Sharma , stars like Sonam Bajwa, Gippy Grewal, Kiku Sharda and Kavita kaushik are seen in this party video . In this party video, kapil sharma is seen reciting ghazals with a glass in his hand. He is seen singing 'Hungama hai kyun barpa, thodi si jo pe li hai'. Many people are surprised to hear Kapil's voice in this video and are seen praising him fiercely. watch this video going viral here-
Kapil's fans should not misunderstand, therefore by sharing this video, archana has told that kapil sharma is not drinking alcohol. He has lemonade in his hand. Please tell that this party was given by aamir khan after the trailer launch event of punjabi film 'Carry on Jatta 3'. aamir khan and kapil sharma have also appeared in this film. kapil sharma has thanked 'Archana Mam' for taking this video. Kapil's voice in the video is also getting praise from the fans.

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