Sachin Movie A Billion Dreams completed 3 Years


Reportedly "Sachin: A Billion Dreams" released three years ago on this date, and cricket world’s master Blaster sachin tendulkar recalled how the film was more than a biopic for him.  It took producer ravi Bhagchandka eight months to convince sachin tendulkar to agree for a film to be made on him. I was approached a number of times, but ravi convinced me that this film would allow me to be myself first, a sportsman. The film was like a cricket game for me where everything I did was captured. It was an honest story and I’m glad it was made,” sachin tendulkar said.


Directed by james Erskine, “Sachin: A Billion Dreams” is interspersed with real-life footage of the cricketer’s childhood and iconic matches, along with scenes that recreate moments from Tendulkar’s life. The entire process took four and a half years. But for Bhagchandka, it was a film that had taken root years ago when he first started following sachin Tendulkar.


“Even though Sachin’s grand story is no secret, I realised that no one knew what really went on in his head while he performed, his personal life, his emotions. Three years after releasing the film, I still believe that Sachin’s is a story that is meant to be celebrated. Not just by cricket fans in the country, but by every indian,” said Bhagchandka.

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