Babar Azam played politics in Pakistan cricket..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Babar Azam played politics in pakistan cricket..!?
The pakistan cricket team has been performing poorly in international cricket for the past few years. Due to this, there is a possibility of many dramatic changes in the pakistan team. pakistan cricket team has been eliminated in the first round of the Asia Cup, 2023 world cup, and 2024 t20 world cup consecutively. Babar Azam, who resigned as captain after losing the 50-over world cup, returned to captaincy within six months. And there was an allegation that the pakistan team was divided in the t20 world cup in 2024.
In this situation, pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Mosin Naqvi is going to call coach Gary Christen and investigate. What is the problem with the pakistan team? He asked him what changes should be made. Coach Gary Kristen then talks about the politics of the team. Pakistan's team is divided into two factions and he has accused captain Babar Azam of playing politics in the team. Similarly, Selection Committee Chairman Waqab Riaz also met pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Naqvi and heard his views. Apart from this, a consultation meeting was held today with around 30 former cricketers regarding the changes to be made in the pakistan Cricket Team.
Many of them have highlighted the problems in the pakistan team. The former players have emphadata-sized monitoring the fitness of the Pakistani players what should be done about the carelessness of the players and what changes should be made by the pakistan team to win the upcoming matches. In this situation, Babar Azam is currently the captain of the pakistan cricket team, and it has been reported that his position may be lost at least in t20 cricket. In this situation, it seems that the announcement of the new captain may be made in a few days.

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