Kohli was the reason for moving the boundary line..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Kohli was the reason for moving the boundary line..!?
It will be almost 10 days since the indian team won the t20 world cup cricket tournament. But still, some people couldn't bear that the indian team won the t20 World Cup. Especially Suryakumar Yadav's last over catch turned the tide of the game. The catch was off the boundary line. Therefore the South African fans are insisting that this should be considered as a six. They are also saying that maybe south africa would have won if it counted as six. In this situation, many people were saying that Suryakumar was not pushed while taking the catch and it has been moving since then. And a video taken by a spectator when surya Kumar Yadav took the catch also clearly showed that there was no fault on his part.
In this context, the question arises as to how the boundary line was slightly pushed without anyone moving. In this case, the answer is now available. This is because of an act done by Virat Kohli. In the final, virat kohli played tremendously and added runs. virat kohli hits 3 boundaries in the first over. A boundary was hit straight into it. Then the South African player who went to block the boundary moved the boundary line. But despite that, the ball is going to the boundary.
At this point, the South African should have fixed the boundary line. But he left uncorrected. Due to this, it became clear that the boundary line was a bit off and that is why it did not turn into a six when Suriya Kumar took the catch. Due to this, it has now been revealed that Virat Kohli's one shot and the South African player not correcting the boundary line were the reason for this.

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