Match-fixing in the T20 World Cup..!? ICC investigation..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Match-fixing in the t20 World Cup..!? ICC investigation..!?
 The ICC has seriously investigated the complaint of match-fixing in the t20 world cup cricket tournament. In an attempt to popularize cricket, this match was held in America for the first time. Big teams like pakistan and new zealand were eliminated in the first round in this series. As a result, teams like the USA, Bangladesh, and afghanistan have qualified for the Super 8 round.
In this situation, various teams lost the game by low runs, and teams like pakistan stumbled in the important matches, raising doubts. In this situation, it has been revealed that there has been an attempt to fix the t20 World Cup. A former cricketer from kenya has repeatedly contacted a Ugandan player asking him to engage in match-fixing. Shocked by this, the Ugandan player immediately reported this to the ICC officials. After this, who contacted the concerned player?
ICC officials are investigating what happened. As per the main provisions of the ICC Anti-Gambling Section, any contact to engage in gambling should be immediately reported to the ICC officials. Failure to do so will result in a lifetime ban. As a result, the Ugandan player quickly informed the authorities and saved himself from a big problem. But the Ugandan player is the one with the gambling bookies, so the ICC is doubting that the bookies will contact the players of the big team like pakistan and ask them to engage in gambling. Because of this, the ICC is going to intensify the investigation.

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