Why give a player who keeps missing a chance..!?

Sowmiya Sriram

Why give a player who keeps missing a chance..!?

Rahane, who has been included in the CSK team in the IPL 2024 season, has shocked the fans. Last season, Rahane played tremendously and was the main reason for CSK's success. But Rahane is currently out of form. The 35-year-old Rahane, who has already been dropped from the indian team, has also struggled in Ranji cricket. In this situation, it was expected that Rahane would return to CSK and recover his form. But Rahane has not reached 50 runs even once in seven matches. 

He has had good starts in some matches but has struggled to convert them into big scores. Rahane, who has so far scored 27 runs against RCB, 12 runs against Gujarat, 45 runs against Delhi, 35 runs against Sunrisers, five runs against Mumbai, and 36 runs against Lucknow, lost the game by one run today. Rahane has a minor injury. CSK's batting coach Hussey had said that this is why he is taking the field as an opener. The fans went wild after hearing this.

Why are you including Rahane in the playing eleven if he has a minor injury? He has been questioned whether the young players have given someone a chance to replace him. In that interview, Hussey had said that Rahane was 100% fit and would play in the middle order again. However, nothing happened. Rahane, who was back as the opener, did not give CSK a good start. Due to this, the fans have insisted that Rahane should be removed from the team and in his place, other young players should be brought inat least not foreign players.It is noteworthy that in today's game, he came on as the third player and stumbled.

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