Dhoni is our God...He helped us so much...

Sowmiya Sriram
Dhoni is our God...He helped us so much...
Former captain of the indian cricket team mahendra singh dhoni is a great example of how success can be achieved. It doesn't matter where we are born or raised. Dhoni's life is a great example that we should be proud of where we were born. Hailing from jharkhand, the most backward region of the country, dhoni later captained the indian cricket team. And it is now reported that dhoni has been helping the young players in his area. Commenting on this, former cricketer Saurabh Tiwari has mentioned dhoni as the god of jharkhand cricket. Like dhoni, he had just arrived in Jharkhand.
Talking about this, he said that when dhoni started playing cricket for India, dhoni was a god for all of us. It is because of dhoni that many people know that there is a place called Jharkhand. Similarly, everyone started noticing the jharkhand team. Whenever dhoni is in Ranchi, he gives him confidence.
He would also come and practice while he was practicing. What to do with batting? He would teach them everything about how to prepare to play cricket. And he supported them in many things. dhoni had given them a lot of freedom while leading the team. He always stands by them even when they don't play well. dhoni will not only be the captain but also stand behind the stumps as the wicketkeeper and support the bowlers. How does the pitch work? How should the ball be bowled? Where should the building be parked? Saurabh Tiwari praised that dhoni knows all that very well.

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