Director's Flops Turned into World Cup Victory Predictions.!

Sindujaa D N
There are many trends running on social media on the day of the world cup final. telugu netizens who are good at editing videos very creatively are taking their creativity to peaks. They are making various memes by taking many scenes from telugu movies. But if all the other memes are put together, the memes coming on the director Mehr Ramesh is another height. Every time he makes a disaster movie, memes are coming in heaps on the sentiment that india will win the ICC trophy. 

Netizens are commenting that Mehr will win the cup, don't be afraid. Whoever came up with this weird angle, but the memes on this are not normal. In 2011, Mehr Ramesh made an all-time disaster called 'Shakti'. india won the ODI world cup that year. Under Dhoni's leadership, she stood proudly with the cup. In 2013 another big disaster called 'Shadow' came from Mehr Ramesh. That year the indian team won the Champions Trophy.

 Meher Ramesh did not make any film for ten years after that. india did not win any ICC trophy during this time. But it is known how big a disaster this year's 'Bhola Shankar' from Mehr turned out to be. Adding a link to this Mehr re-entered after all these years and gave a big disaster, so india will win the world cup this year too, don't get tensed, netizens are making memes. This trend is running since yesterday. 

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