This is bad bowling..!? What happened to Bumrah?

Sowmiya Sriram
This is bad bowling..!? What happened to Bumrah?
 India's premier pace bowler bumrah recorded his worst bowling performance in the third ODI against Australia. With the 2023 world cup series on the horizon, has Bumrah's bowling deteriorated? Fans have started to worry. bumrah bowled well in the first match against Australia. In that match, bumrah scored 43 runs in 10 overs and took 1 wicket.
He retired without playing in the second match. bumrah then participated in the third ODI. Warner and Mitchell Marsh saw Bumrah's bowling in that match. Mitchell Marsh scored 32 runs in his two overs. bumrah scored 51 in the first five overs of this match. Did not take a wicket. After that in his last five overs, he bowled well and gave only 30 runs and took 3 wickets. bumrah gave away 81 runs and took 3 wickets in 10 overs. This is his second-worst bowling performance in ODIs.
Bumrah's worst bowling was against england in 2017 when he scored 81 runs in 9 overs and took 2 wickets. But then bumrah was making his ODI debut. Currently preparing for the world cup series, he bowled badly against the Australian team, causing fears about his form. However, the fact that he rectified his mistake in the first five overs in his last five overs is what sustains confidence in Bumrah. bumrah has yet another poor bowling record in this match. He gave away 19 runs in one over. That's the most runs bumrah has conceded in a single over. Earlier also he gave 19 runs in one over against England.

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