He is the Best Partnership Breaker in India..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
He is the Best Partnership Breaker in India..!?
If the indian team's fast bowlers are lined up, bumrah, Siraj, mohammed shami, and shardul thakur will be. The main debate of the fans has become a fans 'debate as to how shardul thakur, who is ranked 4th in the indian bowlers' line, can take place in the Playing eleven of the indian team and why rohit sharma refuses to field Mohammed Shami. If shardul thakur is better than mohammed shami, the answer is not sure. But it is important that shardul thakur can take extra risks than Mohammed Shami. Under no circumstances, bumrah and Siraj will not come to the hands of Shardul Thakur. This is because Thakur does not throw at speeds of more than 140 km. shardul thakur is going to bowl between 13 first 40 overs. shardul thakur is the guiller of bowling in the area.
The main reason for the emergence of shardul thakur as the indian bowler is the main reason for his partnership braking skills. shardul thakur was able to beat him when Shakib Al Hasan approached the century in the Asia Cup series against Bangladesh. shardul thakur has become the enemy every time the Opponents create a partnership against the indian team, such as in the Test series against South Africa, the Kaba Test match, and the england Test series. Many have claimed that it was the luck of Shardul Thakur. But that is the complete talent of Shardul Thakur. In the context of a double challenge to bumrah and Siraj, the wicket of the wicket is only to take a wicket for Shardul Thakur. Shardul Thakur's Economy is a little more than the other bowlers.
This is because shardul thakur has never played in a Defense mood. shardul thakur will always take the wicket of Line, who will always rise to the batsman. Lord Thakur's style is to bring the wickets at the right time when the batsman is preparing for the action. Shurdul Thakkur, who empties the match, is somewhat able to bear it. bumrah, Siraj, and Ashwin, in Test cricket, have done in t20 cricket for CSK and India. Similarly, shardul thakur has become a partnership breaker for the indian team since 2021. The main reason why shami was unable to take a wicket in the middle overs and the decision to take a wicket from Shardul Thakur. Similarly, shardul thakur was the highest wicket-taker, who played more ODIs for the indian team after the 2019 World Cup. He has taken 57 wickets in a total of 37 ODIs. Bumrah's strike rate is 31.2, while Thakur's strike rate is 28.56.

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