Siraj paid to Sri Lankan employees..!? It has a mystery..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Siraj paid to Sri Lankan employees..!? It has a mystery..!?
Mohammed Siraj has paid the Sri Lankan employees in the recently concluded Asian Cup cricket series. indian teammate mohammed siraj gave about Rs 4 lakh to Sri Lankan staff which he got for his Man of the Match award. In addition, the Asian cricket Council paid about Rs 41 lakh. When the Asian Cup in sri lanka was blocked by the rains, the staff worked hard and helped to hold the competition amid the rain. Many fans have been demanding social media to reward them. jai Shah, chairman of the Asian cricket Council and bcci secretary, announced that he would pay Rs 41 lakh ($ 50,000) along with all the staff workers who worked hard in sri lanka during the final.
In the same final, india bowled a brief bowling and rolled the Sri Lankan team for 50 runs. indian player mohammed siraj took 6 wickets in 7 overs. mohammed siraj was awarded the Man of the Match award after india won the Asian Cup. He gave his Rs 4 lakh ($ 5,000) to Sri Lankan staff. Why did the bcci secretary and the indian player compete with Sri Lankan employees and pay? Former Sri Lankan captain arjuna Ranatunga has questioned. Earlier, india had come to Sri Lanka. There has been rain. Even then, the same employees have helped the competition. But, so far, no one has rewarded them. They were then given money for the Man of the Match award. Sri Lankan staff has been working well to date. But even the Sri Lankan administration has not paid them. arjuna Ranatunga has said that the media should investigate the matter.
What does he say? Does india come to say that india won against pakistan and sri lanka because the Sri Lankan pitch was adapted to India? Ranatunga has left the controversy without saying it directly. Will the bcci and the Asian cricket Council respond to this allegation?

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