Selfishness... Reason why India lost the last 3 World Cups..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Selfishness... Reason why india lost the last 3 World Cups..!?
The indian team has played two ODI World Cups since 2011. In many t20 World Cups and Champions Trophies, World Test championship in many series like semi-final and final, they have lost and exited. Simon Dull, the former fast bowler of the new zealand team, has said that the reason for that is that the indian players refuse to play cricket without fear. Simon Doull explains why india is not winning World Cups. He also said that indian players focus on their statistics and records and therefore do not play well. We cannot completely deny what he says. It cannot be denied that especially the indian players play with fear. The fact that indian players continue to fail in many important matches is a testimony to it. The same thing happened in the last t20 world cup series.
What did Simon Tull say? : Indian players don't play cricket without fear. They play cricket with statistics. They are more concerned about their own statistics (runs, hundreds, wickets, records, etc.). That's the only thing that worries him about their batting. They have good talent. But, they have to play fearless cricket at the right time in a series. That is what has held them down in the last three world cup series. They refuse to play boldly and take risks. They are afraid of criticism. It can be admitted that the current young indian players fear criticism. At the same time, there is indeed no fear of playing important matches in big series. The indian team should change these at least in the 2023 world cup series.

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