Do you want an autograph after leaving the catch..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Do you want an autograph after leaving the catch..!?
In the IPL cricket series, deepak chahar and dhoni often play like Kaundamani and Senthil, which has made the fans excited. dhoni is raising deepak chahar like his pet. dhoni is playing with deepak chahar as we play with our favorite people. Recently, dhoni brought the hood up to deepak Chahar's data-face during batting practice. Similarly, dhoni, who was coming out of the toss, went to hit deepak chahar on the head who was standing idle. In this situation, Gill had scored three runs in the gujarat team who had batted first in the final yesterday. Then deepak chahar missed the chance of catch given by him.
By this, the fans were commenting that CSK has lost the game. Another catch of the saga was deepak chahar who left the fort yesterday. In this situation, after the CSK team won the championship title, everyone hugged and congratulated Dhoni.
Then deepak chahar asked dhoni to autograph his shirt. To which dhoni said don't come to him and said to go. And he complained to Raju Shukla that he left the catch. dhoni said that he is coming and asking for an autograph. After playing for a while, dhoni signed an autograph to deepak Chahar. It is noteworthy that while Gill was playing tremendously yesterday, he lost the game due to Dhoni's lightning-speed stamping.

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