RCB fans crossing limit..!? Criticism of Shubman Gill's sister...

Sowmiya Sriram
RCB fans crossing limit..!? Criticism of Shubman Gill's sister...
In the frustration of the RCB team's defeat, gujarat team player Shubman Gill's sister has been criticized by the fans beyond limits which has caused controversy. Earlier in the cricket match, whichever team's players played well, the opposing fans would stand up and applaud. Why so much, even when the pakistan team defeated the indian team in Chennai, the fans stood up and applauded the Pakistani team. Even today it is being interpreted as an example. If the RCB team wins yesterday's match, they can go to the play-off round. But Shubman Gill stood alone and scored 14 runs off 52 balls with a strike rate of 200 to help gujarat win. Gavaskar appreciated this and the RCB team should not regret this defeat. Because they should think that we are losing to a very talented player.
In this situation Shubman Gill, thinking that we have lost because of this century, RCB fans are talking to his sister in an indecent manner on social media, which is shocking. Shubman Gill posted on social media after the match. His sister praised him as her baby. Fans had put various third-rate comments that were unreadable under this. Fans were criticizing Shubman Gill's sister as much as they could. And some went a step further and posted that rishabh pant might be involved in a car accident. Many cricketers have also condemned this. In this situation, the head of the National Commission for Women's Protection has expressed strong condemnation after seeing this social media post. He has also told Shubman Gill's sister that strict action will be taken against the fans who violate it. This has caused a lot of controversy now.

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