Retirement Buzz: MS Dhoni in his Final IPL game..?

Retirement Buzz: ms dhoni in his Final IPL game..?

Mike Hussey, the batting coach for the chennai Super Kings, has provided some clarification ahead of the team's match against the delhi Capitals on saturday at the arun jaitley Stadium amid the commotion surrounding skipper MS Dhoni's announcement that he is leaving the indian Premier League. Hussey claimed during the pre-game press conference that MS is the only one who is aware of Dhoni's IPL retirement.

"We haven't talked about that, is what it is. Only he knows whether this is his final IPL season. We don't know. He is knocking down sixes and putting games away," Hussey stated in the pre-game press conference. He is still batting pretty well, in my opinion as a batting coach. He is hitting the ball well, which keeps him motivated to keep showing up for training and improving. He has a history of igniting the inning and providing a strong finish. He still has the capacity to hit six times. So long as he is still having fun and helping the squad, there is no reason why he cannot continue. He might even be able to continue for another five years (laughter) he added.

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