Dhoni giving party to CSK players..!? Retirement hint..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Dhoni giving party to CSK players..!? Retirement hint..?
It has been reported that Captain ms dhoni is going to give a party to the chennai team players after the last league match against the kolkata team to be held at the Chepakkam ground. Due to this, there is a doubt that dhoni is going to announce his retirement during the current IPL season. The kolkata team is going to play against the chennai team in the 61st league match of the IPL series. As this match is going to be held at the chennai Chepakkam stadium, there is a lot of expectation among the fans.
While the fans are already excited to see Dhoni's tremendous batting in the match against the delhi team, the fans are expecting whether captain dhoni will be astute in today's match as well. In this situation, it has been reported that a party has been organized by captain ms dhoni for the players of the chennai team during the match against the kolkata team. While it is already being said that dhoni, the captain of the chennai team, is going to retire from the current IPL series, the news that dhoni is giving a party to the players of the chennai team has raised doubts among the fans.
Danny Morrison asked dhoni during the toss a few days ago, How he will be celebrating the last IPL season? To the question raised, is he saying that it is the last IPL season? He surprised him by saying that he didn't say it was the last season yet. Due to this, fans were hoping that dhoni will play in the next IPL series as well. But in the past, dhoni announced his retirement without any fuss. The casual announcement of his retirement through a letter during Test cricket and an instagram video from ODIs shocked fans. Similarly, it is seen that he is likely to announce his retirement with the last league match to be played in Chennai.

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