Seperate Counters for Ladies and Physically Challenged - CSK Management

After 5 matches, CSK management has announced that tickets will be sold separately for women and disabled.
In the current IPL season, the chennai Super Kings team led by dhoni is in high demand for tickets to be played at the Chennai-Chepakkam cricket Stadium. Tickets for chepauk matches are available online and offline. ( IPL 2023 | Ticket shortage for Cheppak matches - dhoni to blame? )
A large crowd gathers in the area adjacent to the chepauk stadium when tickets are sold directly to each match. Most of the fans who wait for hours with the thought of 'somehow buying tickets' are left with disappointment. They also get the baton of the police.
Especially, during the sale of tickets for the last match, disabled people participated in dharna protest. They also demanded a separate queue for women and disabled persons at the ticket counter.
In this case, the chennai Super Kings team is going to play against the delhi Capitals team on the 10th. Ticket sales for this will be held tomorrow. chennai Super Kings team management has announced that tickets will be sold separately for women and disabled persons.
Ticket price details..
C/T/E Lower Stand - Rs.1,500 - Counter Sale
C,T/E Upper Stand - Rs.3,000 - Online Sale
I/J/K Lower Stand - Rs.2,500 - Online and Counter Sale
I/J/K Upper Stand - Rs.2,000 - Online and Counter Sale
KMK Stand - Rs.5000 - Online Sale
I/J/K Upper Stand - Rs.2000 - women Only (Limited No.)
I Lower Stand - Rs.2500 - Persons with Disabilities (very limited number)

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