Kohli & Gambhir should sit and talk...!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Kohli & Gambhir should sit and talk...!?
Ravi Shastri has advised that virat kohli and gautam Gambhir, who are two of the biggest icons of indian cricket, should sit down and talk to end the problem between them. With the 16th season of IPL going on briskly, the conflict between virat kohli and gautam Gambhir has become a hot topic. After the match between RCB and lucknow Supergiants, there was a heated conflict between kohli and Gambhir. The argument between the two caused a stir. Following the clash, both of them were fined the full match wages. This is not the first time that these two have clashed. The clash in 2013 was the cause of the 10-year cold war between kohli and Gambhir. Prior to that, there was a good relationship between the two. Early in Kohli's international career, Gambhir was awarded the Man of the Match award as he scored over 150 runs to help india win in the same match where he scored his maiden ODI century against Sri Lanka. But it was Gambhir who gave the man of the match award to the then-young player kohli, who along with him scored a tremendous century in that match.
After that in the 2011 ODI world cup final as well, the Gambhir-Kohli partnership became crucial after Sachin and Sehwag were dismissed. Both of them have played well for the indian team in international cricket. Gambhir played a key role in India's t20 world cup and ODI World Cups led by Dhoni. He is a great contributor to indian cricket. virat kohli shines as one of the greatest players in contemporary cricket. kohli has also contributed immensely to indian cricket.
Till 2013 they had a good relationship. During the 2013 IPL match between RCB and KKR, the two clashed. After that, the relationship between the two was not good. Gambhir has occasionally criticized virat kohli for not winning the IPL trophy. Meanwhile, Gambhir also praised Kohli. Despite this, the clash between the two this season has once again widened the rift between them. In this case, ravi shastri, who has spoken about this, thinks that both Gambhir and kohli could have handled this matter better. Both have played a lot of cricket together. They have also played for the same state team. Both are from Delhi. Gambhir is a 2 world cup winner. virat kohli is the icon of indian cricket. So ravi shastri advised that both should sit together and put an end to this issue.

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