Rohit Sharma take a break from IPL..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Rohit Sharma take a break from IPL..!?
Former cricketer sunil gavaskar has said that the captain of the mumbai Indians cricket team, rohit sharma, should take a break. The mumbai team is currently seventh in the points table with 6 points from seven matches. The mumbai team is facing defeat in two consecutive matches. sunil gavaskar, talking about the mumbai Indians team, said that some changes should be made in the mumbai Indians batting line-up. rohit sharma should take a break now if he is honest.
He has to prepare for the World Test championship final. Now taking a break, rohit sharma may return to the team soon after the end of the league series. But now Rohit needs to relax a bit. Looking at the field, rohit sharma seems to be a little tense. His thoughts may have been on the World Test Championship. But he doesn't quite know that. If you ask him, rohit sharma should rest for one or three, or four matches. After that, he can return to the team stronger. If the mumbai team wants to make it to the playoffs, a miracle will happen. As of now, the mumbai team can reach the 4th place in the points table. But for that they need to play well in batting and bowling, said sunil Gavaskar. It is to be noted that after 2020, mumbai Indians did not make it to the playoffs in the last two seasons they played.

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