Seeing Dhoni's batting, Deepak Chahar ran away..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Seeing Dhoni's batting, deepak chahar ran away..!?
 CSK team won the exciting match held at Bengaluru Chinnaswamy Stadium. In this CSK team batted first and scored 226 runs at the end of 20 overs. In the CSK team this year IPL, dhoni is usually coming in to bat at the last stage. He has been avoiding batting due to his knee injury. dhoni data-faced three balls against lucknow and only one ball against Bangalore.
 Dhoni always warms up or practices before coming to the field for his turn. dhoni always prepares himself in advance for this. That's how in the match against the Bangalore team, dhoni was practicing batting where the players were sitting. Then Dhoni's bat which came near his data-face scared deepak chahar who was sitting so nearby. The bat came up to his data-face.
However, dhoni did not realize this. Shocked by this, deepak Sahar left the place saying to leave him. deepak chahar has already suffered frequent injuries and is unable to participate in the matches. What would happen to dhoni if he was hit in the data-face with a bat now? Many people are teasing that dhoni is a man who is too naughty. And some even commented that CSK players should be safe while dhoni practices.

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