Another problem for CSK..!? Chepakkam pitch..?

Sowmiya Sriram
Another problem for CSK..!? Chepakkam pitch..?
Chennai Super Kings will play against rajasthan Royals at Chepakkam Stadium. The chennai Super Kings team will conduct a multi-test today against rajasthan Royals in the IPL series. If CSK wins this match, they will get a hat-trick and move to the 2nd position in the points table. chennai team players are actively training for this. Likewise, both the key players, Deeksana and Pathirana, have joined the chennai team. Also, CSK is expected to win as the chennai team will play at the Chepakkam ground. The last time chennai played at the Chepakkam ground, they defeated the lucknow team by 12 runs and won. The chennai team scored around 220 runs and the chennai team won only because of the spinners. Although the Chepakum ground is usually favorable for spinners, the 200 runs scored by both teams were shocking.
Usually, a team batting first with quality spinners and scoring 150 runs will be a sufficient target for victory. But since both the teams scored more runs in the last match, the talk about the pitch increased. In this situation, it is predicted that the pitch will be favorable for adding runs and spin in today's match against the rajasthan team. Apart from that, the beach is designed so that the wind can come to the stadium as well.
Thus it is expected that swing bowling will be taken in the power play overs. So far in the 68 IPL matches held at the chepauk Stadium, the team batting first has won 26 times and the team batting 2nd has won 42 times. Thus the toss will play an important role in today's match. Also, since both teams have quality bowlers, the outcome of the match will be in the hands of the batsmen.

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