Dhoni's honor is in the air..!? The pilot's request..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Dhoni's honor is in the air..!? The pilot's request..!?
Mahendra Singh dhoni, the former captain of the indian cricket team and the captain of the chennai Super Kings team, has been showered with praise and honors wherever he goes. dhoni has fans wherever he goes. In this situation, for the first time, an appreciation event has been held for dhoni in the sky. The CSK team flew to mumbai a few days ago to data-face the mumbai Indians. Then the CSK players sat together with the people and started their journey.
 A surprise awaited dhoni during this trip. The pilot came out of the pilot cabin of the plane and praised Dhoni. Four-time champion and world cup winner dhoni and the CSK team are traveling with them. On behalf of his team, he extends his heartiest welcome and thanks to them. He is Dhoni's biggest fan.
He has only one request. The pilot said that he should continue as the captain of the CSK team. Now, this video is spreading fast on social media. It has been reported that dhoni, who has retired from international cricket, is playing his last IPL series. In this situation, dhoni said that if the bowlers throw a no ball in the match against the lucknow team, he will leave. This is why the pilot has requested to continue as CSK captain.

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