Where is the line? Where do you keep your leg..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Where is the line? Where do you keep your leg..!?
The thrilling match between CSK and lucknow in the IPL cricket series was a double treat for the fans. Runs piled up this time on the Chepakkam pitch, which is always set up like a burial ground. Overall, yesterday, 422 runs and 14 wickets were lost. With this, the CSK team led by dhoni, who returned to chennai after 1426 days, won. Apart from that, the Dhoni-led team has won 19 of the last 22 matches and has made Cheppak a fortress.
In this situation, CSK players bowled badly at the beginning when the lucknow team played yesterday. Due to this, the lucknow team scored 79 runs without the loss of a wicket in the powerplay. However, it was CSK's spinners who controlled the game. In this situation, CSK's fast bowlers were throwing WIDE balls frequently in yesterday's game. And they bowled a lot of no balls. Only Deshpande bowled 3 no balls at the crucial stage of the game.
Due to this, the tough CSK captain dhoni called Deshpande as soon as the over was over and taught him how to keep his legs inside the line and throw the ball properly. Now, this viral video is going trending on social media. Speaking after the match, dhoni warned that if he bowled no balls, he would have to play under a different captain.

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