Delicious iftar trails give Punekars a taste of Ramadan!!!

S Venkateshwari
Delicious iftar trails give Punekars a taste of Ramadan!!!

With just two weeks before Eid, Muslim areas like Mominpura, Camp, and Kausarbaug are coming alive as the holy month of Ramadan approaches its conclusion. Hundreds of Punekars are lining up at different shops to purchase mouthwatering delights. While Kausarbaug is starting to become known as the next big Ramadan eating destination, one can still find a wide variety of delicacies being sold outside Camp Court, shivaji Market, Sachapir Street, Babajan Dargah, and Azam Campus in the Camp region.

Ramadan started on march 11 and Eid-Ul-Fitr is observed on april 11. Muslims fast every day during this month from sunrise to dark. They break their fast with iftar, or dates and fruits, after sunset, which is followed by dinner and Maghrib prayers. The start of the feasting season, when large and small merchants set up shop in Camp and other parts of the city to sell their wares (such as chicken tikka, kadi gosh, chicken cutlet, and mutton seekh). The evening prayers follow Iftar. A visitor to Camp from Viman nagar named Sunita Pokharna remarked, "I'm a foodie and I like dishes with chicken and mutton." The beginnings that are made this month are unique and unavailable at other times of the year. I enjoy dum chicken biryani and dollar kebab.

"For foodies who wait all year to enjoy dishes of their choice, Ramadan is the ideal month because there is a large variety of starters and snacks to munch on." Another place in Camp that is worth seeing is "Sakhi Falooda," where you can buy delicious rabdi falooda, ice cream falooda, falooda pyala, kulfi, and other treats. Numerous Iftar stalls offering ramzan delights line Iftar Street in Kausarbaug, which runs from the Welcome Hall to Mayfair Garden. Currently, businesses including Feroze Caterers, Sharif Caterers, Shalimar Banquet, Gudakuwala chicken Fry, and Nawabi ramzan are located on the street. 

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