The miraculous temple where a crab emerges during abishekam?

The miraculous temple where a crab emerges during abishekam?

Crab emerging from the lingam. Do you know about this miraculous temple in tamil Nadu?

Do you know about the miraculous temple where a crab emerges during abishekam?

Tiruthevankudi Arulmiku Karkadeswarar temple is located near kumbakonam about 2 km from Thiruvyalur. This temple is also known as Nandangoil. During abhishekam in this temple, the crab emerges and presents a spectacle. Yes. It is true. Let's see in detail about this in this post.

A Gandharvan cursed by indra came to this place as a crab and worshiped Lord Shiva. Every night at midnight, nandu plucked the lotus flower that bloomed in the pond and entered through Gomugam and worshiped that flower to the Lord.

Indra used to come to this temple every morning and offer lotus flowers. indra is surprised to find that Eason has been showered with flowers before him. And he has been observing who before him had given the lotus flower to Eason. Then in the middle of the night, indra saw a crab plucking a lotus flower from the Tirtha pond and going to Eason.

He immediately climbed on the lingam and tried to cut the crab with a knife that was trying to kill the lotus flower. But Lord shiva got a cut on his forehead. Wanting to protect Gandharva in the form of a crab, Eason made a hole in the top of the lingam and united the Gandharva in the form of a crab himself.

And the Gandharva who was cursed by indra came in the form of a crab and revealed himself to indra as Lord Shiva. Hearing this, indra regretted his mistake. And Eason removed the curse of the crab and granted salvation. Thala Purana says that it is because of this that the temple got the name Thiruthevan Khodi and Lord shiva who graces here is known as Garkadeswarar.

There is a sculpture of Lord shiva worshiping a crab in this temple. Cut scars are also found in Garkadeswarar Linga Thirumeni. There is a hole at the top of the shiva Lingam. If you anoint the Shivlingam with 21 jugs of cow's milk at the time of Adi Amavas and Poosam Nakshatra, the crab will emerge and give a spectacle.

The deity of this place presents an eerie sight. The oil applied to this Goddess is a cure for all ailments. It was at this place that Chandra worshiped the Lord and got rid of the curse. If you want to get rid of the doshas caused by the moon, you can worship at this place. Usually, in all the Shivalayams, Chandran is shown only in the Golam where he stood in the sanctum. But it is only in this temple that the moon is shown in a yogic posture.

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