What is the real age of Ayodhya Rama statue? A report came..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
What is the real age of ayodhya Rama statue? A report came..!?
Prime minister Narendra Modi was successful in the gathering of celebrities at the ayodhya Temple. Following this, more than 5 lakh people visited the statue of Rama. At this juncture, the central government official has issued important information on the 51-inch statue of ayodhya Rama. The special black granite stone brought from Karnataka, which was used to create a statue of ayodhya Rama, is a special black granite stone. Said Venkatesh. The NIRM is made to test the age of the stone using physics-mechanics analysis.
Krishna Shila is the name of the stone used to make the statue of ayodhya Rama. It is known for its black look. Similarly, the statue has been difficult to erupt, no matter how many years of stone. For example, when pouring milk, water, and oil daily, some stone chemical reactions can be corrosive, but the stone can react to such a half.
The krishna Shila stone is actually a blue-gray. Coconut oil and cocoa powder become black. The stone is thickened year after year and has no impact on any weather. Many of the statues made of krishna Shila stone are in many temples, even with the statue that has been in use for more than 5000 years, says Wijeetha, the wife of the sculptor Yogiraj, who created the ayodhya Rama statue. A stone for the ram Lalla statue from Jayapura Hobli village in Mysuru district, known for high-quality granite mines. The stone is now over 400 crore years old before the pran Pratishta festival.

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