When the ruling was in favour of the Ram Temple?

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When the ruling was in favour of the ram Temple?

Ten years after the contentious building was demolished, in 2002, the allahabad high court began hearing cases pertaining to land ownership. The high court mandated in 2010 that the Sunni Waqf Board, ram Lalla Virajman, and Nirmohi Akhara split the disputed land into three equal portions. The supreme court heard a challenge to the High Court's order in 2011.

A five-judge supreme court bench made a decision in support of the ram temple in 2019. Muslims were to receive five acres of land individually. Following this, on august 5, 2020, prime minister Modi conducted a Bhoomi Pujan to commence the construction of the ram Temple. As of right now, on january 22, 2024, the temple will be officially opened.

In what way shall life be dedicated?

The idol of Ramlala was placed in the sanctum sanctorum on january 18. The life of Ramlala will be dedicated on january 22 at 12:20 p.m. The idol will have his blindfold taken off and be shown a mirror. In the temple's sanctum sanctorum, there is an idol of Lord Rama in child form. 121 Acharyas from all around the nation will carry out every ritual step in the pran Pratishtha ceremony. cm Yogi Adityanath, UP governor Anandiben Patel, prime minister Modi, Mohan Bhagwat, and other dignitaries will be present during this occasion.

Two pavilions and nine Havan Kunds are ready for the worship of pran Pratishtha. Eight directions corresponded to eight havan kunds. For the Acharya, a Havan Kund has been constructed. The Havan Kund is made of brick, sand, soil, cow dung, Panchgavya, and cement. Extra attention has been paid to dimensions: height, breadth, length, and depth. Two worship-focused pavilions measuring 45 by 45 cubits have been constructed in front of the main temple. One pavilion would host all religious activities, such as the worship of Lord Ganesh and Lord Ram. There will be rites done in the second pavilion pertaining to the idol of Shri ram ji.

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