Deepa imitates Jayalalithaa in Deepa's Poes Garden...!?


A photo of deepa standing and shaking hands at the late former chief minister jayalalithaa house balcony in poes Garden has been circulating on the internet.

Sasikala lived in the poes Garden home where she lived after Jayalalithaa's death in 2016. But, after she went to jail in 2017, no one was able to get into that house. The incident took place when deepa chased him while she was trying to leave.

In this situation, the Edappadi Palanichamy government decided to turn Jayalalithaa's Vedha house into a government memorial. But deepa and Deepak, who are Jayalalithaa's blood relatives, opposed the government's decision.

In this situation, after a long drag,  Edappadi Palanichamy government converted Jayalalithaa's house into a government house. 

The government also paid the compensation in court. However, deepa and deepak filed a case in the chennai High court against the conversion.  The court, which heard the case.

Meanwhile, the verdict in the case came recently. Following this, deepa approached the chennai district administration chief on behalf of deepak asking for the house key. They also handed over the keys of Jayalalithaa's house to deepa and Deepak.

Deepa arrived at the poes Garden Vedha home today with her husband Madhavan. deepa looked around the house, stood on the terrace, and waved.

 After standing in the 2011 assembly elections, jayalalithaa stood on the balcony and waved to the volunteers. The photo of deepa shaking hands at Jayalalithaa’s house while standing at the same place is currently circulating on the internet.

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