Putin agrees to discharge Indian soldiers...

S Venkateshwari
Putin agrees to discharge indian soldiers...

The relationship between india and russia has been warm for a long time. prime minister Narendra Modi has reached russia on the first bilateral visit of his third term. This visit to russia has now increased the hopes of return of indians trapped there. prime minister Modi raised a very important issue before President Vladimir Putin during this visit. Sources said that in a private dinner organized by Putin, the prime minister raised the issue of release and return of all indians fighting in ukraine on behalf of russia, to which the Russian President responded positively. In fact, it was revealed in many media reports that indian citizens were being forced by russia to fight against ukraine with the Russian army. It is believed that more than two dozen indians were forced by agents to join the war against ukraine by luring them with good salaries and other benefits. Now the hopes of their return to the country have increased significantly.

Action will be taken against agents

Since march this year, the government of india has been strongly raising this issue with the Russian government regarding the release of these people. The government of India had also said that strict action has been initiated against agents and unscrupulous elements who recruit indians on false pretexts and promises. Four indians have lost their lives in the Russia-Ukraine war, while 10 have returned to India. It is still believed that 30-35 indians are trapped in Russia. The poor condition of indians fighting for russia in the war has been a major concern for the delhi government. A youth from hyderabad was also trapped in the war. The youth had appealed to the government of india for help through social media. After which the victim's family contacted AIMIM mp Asaduddin Owaisi. Regarding this, Owaisi had also written a letter to External Affairs minister S jaishankar and the indian Embassy in moscow on january 25. In this, he had sought intervention from the government for the return of the youth.

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