Questionable Roja's political career..!? Re-entry in Cinema..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Questionable Roja's political career..!?  Re-entry in Cinema..!?
What is the status of Roja who lost in the election..? What is her next step? Will she engage in party work? Or will she act again in films and television? Let's look at this in detail. jagan Mohan Reddy-led ysr congress party in andhra pradesh has suffered a major setback. Most importantly, the condition of some who spoke before the media is very bad. Famous actress Roja is one of those who spoke without even a second thought, hoping that jagan will win this time too. Not only the opposition parties but also the film industry criticized him. But what is the status of the Roja now? What is her next step? Will she engage in party work? Or will she act again in movies and tv again..? Even as an mla in the past, she continued as a judge on the tv reality show Jabardasth. No matter how many criticisms she received on this matter, she did not care. She said he had an emotional attachment to the show.
Now that she has lost the election and is no longer an MLA. But another argument is that once you have been to jabardasth, there is no possibility of going there again. Now they say she won't go there as the show is not that popular either. But don't be surprised if the team approaches her to bring the jabardasth show back to its former glory. But it remains to be seen what Roja will decide. On the other hand, it is said that she will enter films directly. After emerging as a heroine, Roja played some character roles. She acted as a mother to heroines like Taapsee and Priyamani. There is no chance for Roja to appear in such big films. But she criticized big stars like chiranjeevi in the film industry. It is said that even if she wants to act in a film in tollywood in this project, she will end up in trouble.
Also, Roja is bound to data-face trouble in the tamil film industry, which is her mother. Roja had criticized superstar Rajinikanth for praising Chandrababu in the past. It has to be said that it is difficult for her to get opportunities in the tamil film industry. But there is also an argument that her husband Selvamani is a producer. It remains to be seen whether she will act in films.. or continue to do such party shows. It has also been argued that Roja's political life will become difficult from now on. Because in the town where she contested, her own party opposed her. She has said on several occasions that it is her own party members who are troubling her. Now it is said that they are the reason for her failure. They say it will be difficult for Roja to get a seat next time. Apart from that, there is no chance for Roja to go to other parties. So the big question is how Roja's political career will be?

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