Telangana: Will KTR go to jail for hitting his son Himansh?

S Venkateshwari
KCR made many moves for a separate state of Telangana. He was a brave man who eventually won a separate state and ruled this state unitedly for 9 years. Such a person is now in distress. It can be said that he is the reason for this. They started showing arrogance that they have got power. It can be said that in the end, it is arrogance that makes power go away. Such kcr got a serious defeat in the previous 2023 elections. Eventually, congress came to power. However, kcr, who has not reduced, has completely gone astray to show his power in the parliamentary elections. In the end, it was like a palm fruit fell on a howling fox without getting even a single seat.
KCR has been in trouble ever since he lost his state power completely. They are exposing each and every corruption like he did. At a time when there are already allegations that kcr will go to jail, there are reports that ktr will also go to jail. It is said that the reason for this is his son Himanshu. And let's see what the details are.. It can be said that former minister ktr, who is currently an mla of Sirisilla, has got implications of the affidavit. A case was registered in the high court that all the assets shown in Avitavit during the election were false. The high court has sent notices to file a counter affidavit within four weeks. The court also issued notices to the Returning Officer. However, there are allegations that he has accumulated assets in the name of his son Himanshu. KTR's farmhouse son is named after you. Also, it seems that there are properties in countries in his name.
 KTR said that their son Himanshu is not dependent on him during election time. Highlighting this, the high court Judge took up the hearing of petitions filed separately by congress mla candidate kk Mahender reddy and Legisetti Srinivas. At this juncture, he asked how the properties of Himanshu came to be and informed that only his wife and minor daughter were dependent on him. But in July last year, ktr said that Himanshu, a major, was not dependent on him, leading to suspicions. Himanshu paid 10.5 lakhs and 88.15 lakhs for buying four acres in Venkatapur and 32.15 acres in Erravalli in Markuk mandal of siddipet district. The petitioners questioned Himanshu, who was a major last year, from where he got so much money, was all this possible without KTR's financial help? Just then, the court asked ktr, who had hidden the facts in the affidavit, for an explanation. There are reports that ktr will go to jail if he does not show evidence.

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