Babu's Cabinet: Discontent among seniors..!?

Sowmiya Sriram
Babu's Cabinet: Discontent among seniors..!?
-Chandrababu gave opportunities to 75 percent of the newcomers.
-Infusing new blood into the party is good, but it needs to be balanced.
-Discontent among seniors?
It is surprising that seniors did not get many opportunities in Chandrababu's cabinet. Even though there were many seniors at the party, Chandrababu gave opportunities to 75 percent of the newcomers, not all of them. Apart from Lokesh, among those who have had a chance, Anam Ramanarayana, Achchennaidu, kollu ravindra, Kolusu Parthasarathy, NMD Farooq, P. Narayana are the only ones who have worked as ministers in the past. All others are new. There were a lot of seniors in the party. If some of them don't get a chance now, their political career will also end. Among them are gorantla butchaiah Chaudhary, Ayyannapatradu, Somireddy Chandramohan Reddy, Kotla, and Kala Venkata Rao. Apart from them, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Jyotula Nehru, Prattipati, and paritala sunitha are among those who are hoping for posts. It has become controversial to give opportunities to newcomers in large part without considering such people.
Infusing new blood into the party and giving opportunities to new people is good, but it needs to be balanced. Apart from that, the argument is being heard that Chandrababu's tendency towards the juniors and newcomers as a majority is difficult. Some argue that ill-informed decisions by new ministers risk bringing the government into disrepute. Recently in telugu states all the efforts have been concentrated on the CM. At a time like this, no matter who the ministers are, they will walk in the style of Chaltika Naam Gadi. Therefore there is an argument that there may not be a big problem. However, if Chandrababu does not consider and extinguish the dissatisfaction that has arisen among the seniors, there is no danger that the flames of dissatisfaction will grow gradually.

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