Will Sharad Pawar change the state president?

Will sharad pawar change the state president? 

Yesterday, both factions of ncp celebrated the party's foundation day in Maharashtra. During this, a statement by Sharad faction mla Jayant Patil is being discussed a lot. On the 25th anniversary of ncp, Jayant Patil has made a big comment from the stage about the post of state president.

What did Jayant Patil say?

Jayant Patil said in a post on 'X', "The party has come a long way. We have seen many crises. Pawar sahab stood up and data-faced them. There are workers in every corner of the state who love Pawar sahab and his ideas. That is why our party managed to win 8 seats even after getting fewer seats." Patil further said, "Even if the boys leave the school, the school does not close, because the headmaster of our school is Pawar. At that time also he gave a chance to many new workers like me. Today once again Pawar sahab is in the same mode. We will stay together for the next four months. So stop making public statements. victory is achieved only when there is teamwork."

According to ABP Majha, Jayant Patil made this statement while speaking at the party's anniversary program held in Ahmednagar yesterday (Monday). He also took a dig at Ajit Pawar. Patil said, "Don't count the months of my being the state president, if you have any complaint, tell Sharad Pawar. Jayant Patil has said that many people left sharad pawar and also stole the symbol, but 8 MPs have been elected on the Tutari symbol."

Speaking at the party's anniversary program, Jayant Patil said that "Our experiment in maharashtra was successful because ncp Sharad Chandra Pawar's party got 80 percent seats in the state. A campaign was run in the lok sabha elections to change the constitution. ncp will give chance to new data-faces in the upcoming assembly elections." Now if Jayant Patil leaves this post, then everyone's eyes are on who will get this post.

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