BJP benefited from stampede in Congress to leave the party

BJP benefited from stampede in congress to leave the party…

After the announcement of lok sabha election, every day news of some congress leader leaving the party and joining bjp started coming. Due to which the morale of the party workers was broken even before the election. Not only this, the image of congress among the general public was that when bjp is going to win, why vote for Congress. Before this election, congress left the responsibility of the state from an old leader like kamal nath and gave it to a less experienced leader like Jeetu Patwari, this strategy of congress also backfired. Jeetu Patwari was trying to gain a foothold in this state when rumors of kamal nath joining bjp started flying.

Although kamal nath did not support congress, but this message reached the general public. Not only this, even during the campaign, kamal nath had to try to save the fort of Chhindwara alone. During the campaign, not even once rahul gandhi or priyanka gandhi held a rally or meeting in Chhindwara. Whereas congress has been winning this seat even in the worst situations for many decades.

Big leaders refused to contest elections

One of the major reasons for the Congress's rout in madhya pradesh and the Bharatiya Janata Party's tsunami is that the big leaders of the congress refused to contest the elections here. Big leaders like Govind Singh and ajay Singh were not seen in the fray this time. Only former chief minister Digvijay Singh expressed his wish to contest the elections.

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