'Saffron wave' came in Madhya Pradesh, know why?

'Saffron wave' came in madhya pradesh, know why?

In the lok sabha elections held immediately after the assassination of the then prime minister Indira gandhi in october 1984, congress had won all the 40 seats of madhya pradesh (which also included today's Chhattisgarh). Now, four decades after that election, this is the first time that a party has won all the 29 seats of this state. However, this party is not congress but BJP.

The oldest party of the country, congress, had also fielded its candidates on 27 seats here. But, congress could not win even a single seat from here. In such a situation, let us understand in detail in this report what happened that bjp brought 'saffron tsunami' in this state beyond expectations and congress could not win even a single seat.

Magic worked in rajasthan, UP but not MP

Looking at the results of this lok sabha election, it would not be wrong to say that congress has got a new lease of life in Uttar Pradesh. Apart from this, the party has also done a miracle in rajasthan and Maharashtra. But the condition of congress in madhya pradesh, which is situated between these three states, is surprising. Actually, congress is considered to have very strong roots in MP. assembly elections were held here a few months ago, in which congress may not have given the expected results but at least the situation here was not like that of Uttar Pradesh.

How saffron waved its flag in this state?

In the 2014 lok sabha elections, bjp won 27 seats in this state. At that time, the party lost its representation in only two seats - Guna and Chhindwara. jyotiraditya scindia and kamal nath contested on both these seats. In the 2019 lok sabha elections, Scindia lost from Guna and bjp won 28 seats. However, Scindia joined bjp only a year later. Till the year 2019, bjp had 28 seats in the state, only Chhindwara was the only seat which was with Congress. In the 2024 lok sabha elections, bjp has also captured this seat. Kamal Nath's son nakul Nath, who contested the lok sabha elections this time on a congress ticket, lost to BJP's vivek Bunty Sahu by more than one lakh votes.

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