Is Manoj Tiwari's seat in danger? Know the truth

Is Manoj Tiwari's seat in danger? Know the truth…

Six phases of voting for the lok sabha elections have ended and now the last and seventh phase is awaited. Meanwhile, people are interested in who will win this election? Meanwhile, many users on social media are sharing a fake graphics in the name of ABP news and claiming the victory of india Alliance. It has also been claimed that the victory of bjp candidate manoj tiwari from North east delhi seat is also in danger and he may lose. A user named @roshnikushal wrote on the social media platform X, "Manoj Tiwari toh gayo..."

It is written on the fake graphics plate that out of a total of 543 seats, nda can get 232 to 253 seats. While india Alliance can get 258 to 286 seats. Others can get 35 to 65 seats. VVIP Opinion Poll C Voter is written in the middle of this plate. It has a picture of manoj tiwari and it is written that Manoj Tiwari's seat from North east delhi is in danger.

Let us tell you that as per the rules, ABP news broadcast an opinion poll on 28 december 2023 before the lok sabha elections. In this opinion poll, manoj tiwari was shown ahead by a good margin. Also, nda was predicted to get more seats. This video is available on YouTube. Taking a screenshot from this, mischievous elements tampered with the graphics and claimed Manoj Tiwari's defeat in it.

Let us tell you that this time manoj tiwari is pitted against Congress' Kanhaiya Kumar. congress and aam aadmi party (AAP) have formed an alliance in Delhi. manoj tiwari is an mp from North east delhi seat for two consecutive times. Votes were cast in delhi on 25 May and the result is awaited here. The result will be announced on june 4. Before this, ABP news will release the exit poll results after voting on june 1 in the evening.

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