Congress surrounded the BJP government

Congress surrounded the bjp government…

Two murders by goons in a Dalit family and the suspicious death of a young woman within the last one year in Barodia Nonagir of Khurai assembly constituency of Sagar district of madhya pradesh have heated up the political politics. Former cm Digvijay Singh came to meet the victim's family in the death of his adopted niece and her uncle and accused the administration government of negligence.

Today congress General Secretary priyanka gandhi and former cm Kamal Nath called bjp anti-Dalit and anti-women on social media. Today congress State President Jeetu Patwari went to meet the victims and demanded a cbi inquiry into the incident. He made the victim family talk to rahul gandhi over the phone.

Jeetu Patwari told the media that the most atrocities are being committed on Dalits and women under the bjp government. In Barodia Nonagir, the government could not provide security to the Dalit family and three people died. He said that our demand is that the cbi should investigate the matter. congress will also go to court regarding this. He said that congress will fight for the Dalits. Today rahul gandhi ji has discussed about the victim and he has also assured help.

What is the matter?

On Saturday, Rajendra Ahirwar, resident of Barodia Nonagir, was murdered. Rajendra's niece Anjana, who was bringing his body, committed suicide by jumping from the ambulance. Both were the main witnesses of a murder that happened last year. Anjana's brother Lalu was killed. Last year Digvijay Singh had come to Barodia Nonagir to get justice in this case. Today, after another death in the same family, Digvijay Singh came and surrounded the administration. At that time Digvijay Singh had tied Rakhi to the mother and sister of the deceased and had assured protection and justice.

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