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"Narendra Modi ji is not biological, unlike everyone else. "He was sent by his 'parmatma' to help Ambani and Adani, but 'parmatma' did not send him to help the farmers and labourers," rahul gandhi stated.
According to ANI, rahul gandhi stated that the prime minister had been discussing "Modi wale parmatma".
"If 'Parmatma' had sent him these, he would have assisted the poor and farmers. What is the meaning of 'parmatma'? Yeh narendra modi ji wale parmatma hain (What sort of god is this? "This is PM Modi's god," he continued.
Rahul Gandhi pledged at the gathering that he will demolish the Agnipath initiative and toss it in the trash.

He stated that the india alliance administration will remove the 50% reservation restriction in government posts and educational institutions.
He stated that the india bloc will preserve the Constitution.
PM Modi stated in an interview that god sent him with "ability, strength, pure-heartedness, and inspiration".
"Until my mother was alive, I believed I was born biologically. After her death, when I consider my experiences, I am persuaded that I was sent by God. This strength does not come from my body. It was given to me by God. That is why god provided me with the capacity, strength, purity of heart, and inspiration to do this. PM Modi has stated, "I'm nothing but an instrument that god has sent."

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