Election Commission Key Guidelines!!!

Sekar Chandra

Election Commission Key Guidelines!!!

Central election commission (Election Commission) has issued key guidelines on postal ballot. The Returning Officer (RO) has clarified that postal ballots should not be rejected even if they do not have a seal. To this extent, ec guidelines have been sent by CEO mukesh Kumar meena to all district officials. 'Postal ballots bearing the signature of R.O. are valid. 'Form 13A' should be signed by the RVO along with all the details. If so, the ballot will be valid even if there is no stamp. Along with the signature of the RVO, the ballot should be compared with the validating register. Form 13A may be rejected if voter, RVO signature and ballot serial number are missing. Also, even if the vote is not registered on the postal ballot paper as per the rules, the vote may be rejected.' ec said. On the other hand, the officials are finalizing the arrangements for the election counting on june 4. Three-tier security arrangements are being made at the counting centers.

Central forces and local police will monitor security in coordination, including constant monitoring of CCTV cameras at the centers. Officials are inspecting all the counting centers in the districts. CEO MK meena directed the officials to arrange high speed internet, maintenance of tables and other facilities at the centers. It has been directed to arrange breakfast, lunch, fresh water and other facilities for the staff, officials, agents and constituency candidates attending the counting. Cell phones are not allowed inside the counting center. A special cell will be set up in each center to store these.

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