Thackeray group's Anil Parab is nominated

Thackeray group's Anil Parab is nominated…

Shiv Sena has fielded mla Anil Parab and party office bearer J. M. Abhyankar's candidature has been announced. The former transport minister of the state is in the Mahavikas Aghadi government led by Parab Thackeray. Abhyankar is the head of shiv sena teacher’s cell. Out of 78 seats in the Legislative Council, shiv sena has 11 members, ncp has 9, congress has 8 and bjp has 22 members. So, Farmer Labor party and Rashtriya Samaj party have one member each. Besides, there are four independents. 21 seats are vacant.

Vacancies include 12 members nominated by the governor and nine members elected through representatives of local bodies. Interestingly, most of the shiv sena and ncp MLAs switched sides to the camp led by chief minister Eknath Shinde and deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar, respectively, after the split between these parties. The biennial election of four Legislative Council seats namely mumbai Graduate Constituency, Konkan Graduate Constituency, mumbai teachers Constituency and Nashik teachers Constituency has become necessary as the term of existing members expires in July. Last date for filing nomination form is 7th June. So, the voting will be held on june 26 and the result will be announced on July 1.

Parab claimed that his victory was certain due to the work done by the Shiv Sainiks and the trust shown by the graduate voters in the party as the mumbai Graduate Constituency has been held by the shiv sena for the last 30 years. For Shiv Sainiks, the candidate from the other side is not important. He has registered a large number of voters in this constituency. We have a tight grip here. So my victory is certain," Parab, who has been an mla twice from mla quota, said while talking to reporters.

The uddhav Thackeray-led shiv sena is an ally of the ncp and the congress in the Mahavikas Aghadi. Parab claimed that the bjp will not give the mumbai graduate constituency to the Sena led by Eknath Shinde. bjp has claimed this constituency. Therefore, I do not think that the Shinde group will get this seat. He also said that even if deepak Sawant is nominated, bjp will work for him.

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