Congress is opposing Ram temple- PM?

Sekar Chandra
Congress is opposing ram temple- PM…?

Prime minister Narendra Modi said that the Gods and Goddesses of himachal pradesh are giving blessings and congress is opposing the ram Temple. He said that ram temple was built only because of the power of public vote. article 370 became ineffective and Citizen Amendment Act came into force. With this the soldiers could get OROP. He said that it is because of the voting power of the people that india has become the fifth largest economy and the government also did the work of giving 33 percent reservation to women in the lok sabha and Assembly.

BJP has to score a hat-trick of victory - PM Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi said that this time also, like the year 2014 and 2019, the bharatiya janata party has to win all the four seats. He said that congress wants to push india back into old times. Where there is poverty, crisis and civil problems. He said that congress comes to bring india back to its old condition once again. He said that congress has even announced to eliminate nuclear weapons. prime minister Narendra Modi said that the bharatiya janata party has resolved to have a Uniform Civil Code. He said that congress is also against this. congress is supporting Sharia in the name of Muslim personal law. He termed congress as extremely communal, casteist and family based.

Congress insults kangana Ranaut- PM Modi

Prime minister Narendra Modi praised kangana ranaut in his address. He said, "Kangana Ranaut represents the hopes of thousands of youth. kangana ranaut made a name for herself all over the world on her own and congress is against such daughters. He said that the comments made by congress leaders against kangana Ranaut. That was a very rude comment. It is sad that till now congress has not even apologized for this. He said that himachal pradesh is the land of ladies and the daughters here were insulted by the congress leaders. He said that we are in the 21st century, but congress is moving towards the 19th century. He said that the royal family of congress is anti-daughter and the congress party is anti-women.

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